Virtual Running Sites

I’ve talked in my previous blog posts about completing virtual runs, so I thought I’d publish a blog post listing the virtual run sites I’ve used to complete them and other sites that I plan on using at some point in the future:

  •—Is an Australian-based virtual run site. Their site states that their aim is to “make a difference and increase awareness around mental health, domestic violence and other social issues.” I completed the Tokyo 2019 (Year of the Fun Walk–February) virtual marathon through Virtual Runner.
  •—Another Australian-based virtual run site. I completed Azri’s Brave Run (Year of the Fun Walk–January) and Run It In With 5 (Year of the Fun Walk–February) through Heart & Soles Running.
  •—A UK-based virtual run site. Virtual Runner UK was established by Susan Wheatcroft, due to her frustration of the lack of fun runs in January. I completed the London 5K 2019 (Year of the Fun Walk–April) through Virtual Runner UK.
  •–A USA-based virtual run site. I’m yet to complete a virtual run through Virtual Pace Series.
  •–A UK-based virtual run site. I’m yet to complete a virtual run through Medal Mad.

If you know about any other virtual running sites, please feel free to tell me about them by commenting below.

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