Year of the Fun Walk 2019—London 5K 2019 (April)

My Year of the Fun Walk run for April was the London 5K 2019.

The London 5K 2019 was a 5km virtual run to support the London marathoners. I completed this distance on April 22 in one hour. The entry fee was donated to Footprints CEC. According to their website, Footprints CEC “provide Conductive Education and other services to help children with mobility and communication problems develop the skills they need to thrive and achieve their potential.”

This is my first international virtual run in the sense that it is the first virtual run I’ve done through a virtual run site based overseas, as I did it through Virtual Runner UK. I chose to do this virtual run for inspiration for my impending international Fun Walking not Running Tour, and as a way to virtually complete the World Marathon Majors.

The design of my medal for the virtual run screams London and UK! A picture of my medal and the bib Virtual Runner UK gave me (which I forgot to wear) can be found below.



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