Speechless–Season 3, Episode 7 (F-O–Follow T-H-R–Through)

The episode kicks off with the family celebrating the fact that they’ve managed to find a Christmas tree for their home early, only to undermine their own celebrations by pointing out their inability to follow through on individual promises they’ve made. This moment sets up the rest of the episode.

Jimmy works on getting the garage ready for JJ’s man cave. During this process, Maya is going through things in the garage and finds items from when they were dating. It is then she realises that her lack of follow through is doing things with Jimmy as a couple. After Jimmy eventually finishes cleaning up, he uses what’s left to recreate their apartment back in 1997. After discovering carbon monoxide in the garage, they finish up and go to the beach to recreate another date. Overall while I found their subplot to be sweet, I didn’t feel it was strong enough to be worth exploring and was a little predictable.

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