TV Week 2019 Previews

I’m carrying on my annual tradition with this blog post—buying the previews edition of the TV Week and blogging about what shows look good to watch this year (and that I’ll possibly review).

The first article I saw was one on the reboot of the much-loved late-90s Aussie show, Seachange. News of the reboot came out last year although very little details were provided, other than the fact that Sigrid Thornton and John Howard would be reprising their roles (Laura Gibson and Bob Jelly respectively), and that apparently Laura and Max’s daughter is 18 and Miranda (Cassandra Magrath) is in her 30s with a child of her own. The Previews issue didn’t provide any details either, other than reinforcing Sigrid’s return and three classic Seachange moments. I’ve always loved the original series and have the complete series on DVD, so I’m looking forward to seeing reboot and reviewing it.

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