Furious Fiction – September 2018

This short story is my first short story for the AWC Furious Fiction competition and is based on the September 2018 competition brief.

The brief for September 2018 was as follows:

  1. Your entire story must take place in an AIRPORT.
  2. Your story must include the word SPRING somewhere. (Plural is also okay.)
  3. Your story must include the phrase: IT WAS EMPTY – it can be anywhere, in dialogue, as part of a sentence, or as a sentence on its own.


Landing on Time

It was empty, which was odd for an airport.

I walked through the gate and no-one was there, you would think an airport would be busy, but I guess it isn’t in the middle of the night. It was easy for me to grab a trolley for my luggage and make my way through it all and to the cab rank outside.

The cab rank was empty, except for one car, almost like the driver was waiting for me. The driver took me to my motel, for a spring evening it was surprisingly cool.

After paying the driver, I entered the motel and it was like I stepped back in time—everything from the way the receptionist was dressed, to the décor and the way every other guest looked and acted was straight from the 1950s. I walked outside to get away but my surroundings had been quickly transformed.

Where the hell I did land?  

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