NaNoWriMo 2018–Day 1

Yesterday, I managed to write 1,020 words. Not bad, but I didn’t reach the recommended daily goal of 1,667 words, which was disappointing.

I wrote the prologue for Where We Are Now. Like the prologue of its predecessor, How We Got Here, the prologue of Where We Are Now is from Lorraine’s point of view. She talks about what has happened in hers, Travis’ and her childrens’ lives since her wedding her ten years ago.

Although she reveals what has happened since then, the rest of the novelette will be told from each child’s point of view, via an email to her, and will not be told in chronological order or in the present day. The reason for this is for each child to tell their story of a significant moment/s in their lives at some point during the decade, which has ultimately led to them getting to where they are in life now.

Hopefully, I’ll manage to meet the 1,667 word daily goal on Day 2.

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