2018 Step Up for MSWA (WA)

On Sunday 17 June, I participated in the 2018 Step Up for MSWA.

Step Up for MSWA is a stair climbing event at Perth’s tallest building, Central Park. Central Park is 53 storeys high and Step Up for MSWA raises money for MSWA, who support those in Western Australia with neurological conditions.

Step Up for MSWA consists of three climb options: One Up (going up all 53 flights/1,103 stairs), Double Up (going up Central Park twice–106 flights/2,206 stairs and for runners only) and the Mini Climb (20 flights/435 stairs). I chose to complete the Mini Climb.

The Mini Climb started on level 33, although we were set up to start in groups, with my start scheduled or 10.10am, we ended up starting much earlier as I think there were less Mini Climbers than anticipated.

Despite training for a couple of months, I found my first stair climb to be harder than I anticipated. Two to three flights in and I was already out of breath, this ended up continuing every third flight or so. At one point a paramedic (there was one on every fourth flight) asked me if I was okay (I was). When I turned around one time after catching my breath I saw a woman behind me with her hand on her chest and I asked her if she was okay (she was), even the One Ups were having trouble at one point or another. It was good to know that I wasn’t the only one struggling on occasion.

The Mini Climb wasn’t timed so I wore my sports watch on the day and I climbed the 20 flights/435 stairs in 12 minutes and 33 seconds, beating my PB. The Step Up for MSWA finished on the roof of Central Park. I got a nice finisher’s medal and the experience of the best view of Perth.

I highly recommend the Step Up for MSWA for any running or fun running enthusiast looking for a challenge and/or something different.

The Step Up for MSWA was the WA leg of my “Fun Walking not Running Tour”, the sixth state of my tour and my last fun run for 2018.

There were no pictures taken for me during the Mini Climb, so instead you will find below pictures of me before and after the Mini Climb.




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