Doctor Doctor–Season 3, Episode 6 (Call Me Irresponsible)

Like with the previous reviews, I’ll be going character by character.

Ken, Darren and Betty—The most standout aspect of this episode was finally having a somewhat major focus on the supporting characters. Ken’s jealously of Darren as he was appearing to be flirting with Mia was hilarious and showed some great character development. While I wasn’t surprised that Darren was attracted to Betty and not Mia, it wasn’t until my second viewing of the episode that it was more obvious as Betty was always with Darren and Mia in every scene, which was a fantastic, subtle way of providing the viewer with hints. While Ken’s jealousy was hilarious and showed great development, the writers still managed to keep him in character, especially when he confronts Darren and admits he has no ownership over Mia.

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