Speechless-Season 1, Episode 12 (H-E-R–Hero)

This episode explored not so much another layer of the family but did answer a question that the viewers would have in their minds–what would happen if JJ’s motorised wheelchair ever broke? The reason why the chair broke and who was responsible was a hilarious reveal, however the answer was obvious, he would be given a replacement by the insurance company albeit a questionable second hand one, which kicks off the rest of the episode.

Maya trying to butter up her “insurance connection” only to find out that he would be of no use to her and having to win over a “tough nut to crack”, was a cliche. What was also a cliche was both Maya and Janet finding a way for Maya to get what she wants, through means of negotiation that was really only just short of blackmail. The fact that it was asking Dylan to throw a race was interesting and kind of balances out the cliche elements of the whole situation.

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