My first virtual run

Last month I came across Virtual Runs Australia as I was looking for different ‘sports’ to compete in on top my fun walking.

I love fun walking and training for fun runs, however I do worry about the injuries I’ve inflicted on myself in the process–a fractured shin, a sprained foot and now a medial ligament sprain. The medial ligament sprain is the most worrying and current injury. While I don’t plan on giving up fun walking/running altogether, after I complete my ‘tour’ I plan on cutting back a little to prevent further injuries, that being said I also want to remain active and keep up a ‘sport’.

I’ve heard of people being able to do a virtual run or be a virtual runner when registering to participate in fun runs but I never knew what it meant. Now that I’ve done my research, my understanding of a virtual run/fun run is basically a fun run that you complete in your own time and whatever form you choose (run, walk, swim, cycle, etc). At least Virtual Runs Australia lets you do this.

Virtual Runs Australia is based in Western Australia and sets up virtual fun runs for anyone in Australia and all over the world to complete. The entry fees from the virtual runs go to a chosen charity and as a little reward, a customised medal is awarded to every participant.

I completed their Heart and Sole Virtual Run 5km distance as a stationary bike ride at my gym, as I didn’t want to push myself too hard with the ligament injury and walking-wise I’m not up to 5km yet. The Heart and Sole virtual run raised funds for Bravehearts, a charity that works to prevent child sexual assault.

I received my medal in the mail last week, which you can see in the photos below (and yes I know I’m crap at taking selfies).



Overall I’m pretty proud of myself and I’ll be participating in their ‘We Run the World’ virtual run this month, which is to celebrate International Women’s Day and will raise money for Share the Dignity. Share the Dignity is a charity that distributes sanitary items to homeless and disadvantaged women. ‘We Run the World’ has several distances available for participants, I’m choosing to complete the 10km distance as a triathlon.

If you’re interested in participating, check out Virtual Runs Australia here:

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