Illawarra Memory Walk & Jog 2017 (NSW)

On Sunday 26 February, I completed the Illawarra Memory Walk & Jog 2017.

The Memory Walk & Jog raises money for Alzheimer’s Australia. There were three distances that participants could complete: 7.5km run, 6.5km walk and a 2km walk. Due to my recent ligament injury, I chose to complete the 2km walk.

Weather-wise the day was overcast and humid after some rain from the day before. Some of the course was muddy and I had to be extra careful but I got through it. The course for everyone started and finished at Stuart Park, with the 2km turn located at the Continental Pools at North Wollongong.

The colour theme for the Memory Walk & Jog was yellow with a large number of participants wearing yellow shirts, partially due to them being given away to the first 500 people who registered. These shirts provided a moving, poignant and powerful moment for me during the fun run. The footpath to the Continental Pools curves slightly and you can get a decent and long view of the footpath because of it. With the large number of participants wearing their yellow shirts on the footpath, it was basically a sea of yellow and a powerful symbol of the participants’ commitment to the worthy cause.

The 2km walk wasn’t being timed by the officials, so I wore my stopwatch and timed myself. I finished at 24 minutes and 59 seconds–a little slower than usual but this was due to being held back by families walking at a slow pace.

I decided that this fun run would be the NSW leg, as well as the start of my ‘Fun Walking not Running Tour’.

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