John Marsden Writing Topic #327

Write a poem in which you make an insincere apology for something you’ve done**

What I did at the Christmas Party

I’m sorry sir,

for drinking all the wine

which made my words slur.

I was just trying to have a good time,

take my mind off the fact

that Adam in Accounts

doesn’t stop telling me

that my ass is divine,

even though I tell him

what sexual harassment is all about.


I’m sorry sir,

for starting that fight

with that bitch,

I mean mensch,


It’s cos she causes me nothing but madness,

she’s tryin’ to bring me down

because, thanks to my hard work

she knows she’ll no longer be around.


I’m sorry sir,

that I must quit

as I had to record you

as you did our office wrong,

for taking things that don’t belong

as you know, not only office supplies,

no those aren’t your only lies.

You’ve taken money without telling,

I’m sure the ATO will find that very compelling!


Yes I’m so sorry sir,

yeah really sorry,

but not sorry.



**Reference: Marsden J 1998, Everything I Know About Writing, Pan Macmillan, Australia.

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