Kiama Red Cross Fun Run 2016

Two weeks after completing the Bulli Burn 2016, I completed the Kiama Red Cross Fun Run 2016.

I was more confident completing this fun run due to my completing the Bulli Burn without inflicting further injuries. What I wasn’t prepared for was having trouble getting to the starting point and the amount of participants bringing their kids and pets along with them.

I had trouble finding the starting point as it wasn’t made clear other than being at the “northern Bombo car park”. I made my way up to the footpath parallel to the Princes Highway and I could see the banner and balloons at the starting point, but I wasn’t sure how to get to it because it wasn’t on another footpath. I eventually discovered I had to go under a bridge and walk on a road to get to it.

The starting point involved taking a sharp left hand turn into a residential street, with a left turn onto the Princes Highway to follow. I eventually made my way through residential Kiama streets before reaching the Kiama CBD, passing the Kiama fish market, and finishing at Surf Beach.

I finished with a time of 63 minutes 13 seconds. At the time I felt disappointed, I knew I was off, however I didn’t feel it was overly bad considering that I was being held back by some of the walkers’ dogs and I wasn’t prepared for all of the inclines. The plus side, like with the Bulli Burn, I was actually timed and I didn’t have to wear a stopwatch around my neck.

As with the Bulli Burn 2016, I completed this fun run alone so I didn’t have a picture of myself taken, however I did take a picture of my bib number and the scenery from the starting point.


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