Run Wollongong 2015

I decided to take up fun running as I was looking for a hobby and to improve my fitness. About two months out from it, I came across Run Wollongong 2015, which was going to be held on October 18.

I decided to compete in the 6km walk as it was my first time doing a fun run in over 7 years, the last one being the Wagga Lake to Lagoon with my mother, brother and aunt in 2007. I was surprised to find our results online. The Wagga Lake to Lagoon was 9.5km, which I also walked and finished in 1 hour, 40 mins, 40 seconds. I was pleased by that time considering I walked, not to mention I weighed less back then (the 2007 Wagga Lake to Lagoon times can be found here).

My training consisted of walking on the treadmill at Club Lime Wollongong, starting at 0.5km pace and working my way up. I was up to 6km two weeks out from it.

My friend, Susie Clement, decided to participate in it with me. It was great to have some support, especially since with my work schedule and having to commute, I hadn’t been the best friend in the world lately.

Unfortunately the walking category wasn’t being timed, which I felt was unfair, so I bought a stopwatch to wear around my neck.

I had to catch the train into town a little after 7am to get to the start line on time. Susie and I met up on the overcast day and waited for the runners to start. We lined up and almost ended up in the timed runners group. As we walked through the start line, I clicked on my stopwatch and Susie and I talked as we walked the course. The course started on Burelli Street just outside of WIN Stadium, progressed in Lang Park and down to Cliff Road where we turned back, eventually doing a loop around WIN Stadium to finish on its bright green grass. I finished with a time of 61 minutes, 1 second. I was really pleased with my time as it was 7 minutes faster than my final training times.

Susie and I had our pictures taken and everyone was treated with the amazing talent of Jessica Mauboy. She is just as good live as she is in the studio.

I was so proud of myself for training, working hard, completing the fun run and meeting my goal. I knew then that I loved fun walking and decided to continue with it…..after a well-earned break.

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