Days 26 & 27–Exceeded the 10,000 word mark

I definitely made up for my lack of progress over the last week.

I wrote Bethie’s, Cassie’s, Julie’s and Elaine’s letters over the weekend. With Cassie’s letter, I exceeded the 10,000 word mark.

Bethie is the youngest child and her letter is what I view as the “flip side” of Michael’s letter. Bethie’s the youngest child and never knew her father as she was 2 when Markus died. Travis (and Michael to an extent) is the only father she has ever known and she talks about her relationship with Travis as she grew up and how her sibling relationship with Michael suffered, as he had to be her father figure. Bethie also talks about her development as a professional dancer and her relationship with her fellow dancer boyfriend, Kane.

Cassie’s letter talked about her infertility. Just as I believed that with 10 children, chances are one of them would turn out to be gay (Lucas), chances are one of them would be infertile. Cassie’s letter focused on not only her feelings about her infertility but also about the fact that Travis was the first person to (inadvertently) find out about it, which was the turning point in their relationship.

Julie’s and Elaine’s letters were similar due to the fact that they are identical twins. Both of their letters talked about their choice to travel overseas in their gap year, which lead to them staying overseas and getting jobs as flight attendants. Their letters also address the first time they have separated with Elaine’s choice to get a job at another airline, two years ago, and the fact that the wedding will mark the first time they have come home, since they left for their travels. I wanted their letters to be similar to emphasise their bond as twins, especially since the triplets (Cassie, Christi and Carrie) are fraternal and have more differences than Julie and Elaine have.

As of today, my total word count is 12,223 words. I only have Carrie’s letter, Scott’s letter and the epilogue to complete, over the remaining three days. I think or at least I hope that it will all lead to the novel being complete at 15,000 words.

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