Day 19–Christi’s letter

As I did with Gwen’s letter, I managed to make a lot of progress by going to my town library to work. This time, I managed to write Christi’s letter.

As I predicted in my blog post detailing Gwen’s letter, Christi’s letter was also one of the easiest letters to write and is the longest at 1,900 words. Christi is the sixth born and youngest triplet and writes to her mother explaining her choice to elope with a man she had only been dating for three months and how it ties into her relationship with her first true love at 17.

Christi is the child where history repeats itself, or at least it slightly does, with so many children, it’s bound to happen with at least one. Like Lorraine, Christi was in a serious relationship and fell pregnant at 17. However history doesn’t repeat itself entirely as Christi and her boyfriend, Damien, were in a car accident shortly after discovering they were having a child. Damien died instantly and Christi managed to just get out alive with multiple serious injuries, which included miscarrying her child. In the eleven years since, Christi never dated anyone until she met her husband, Peter, three months earlier.

Christi addresses mainly her recovery from the car accident, losing Damien and focusing on her career in her letter. Her career lead her to meet Peter and with him she addressed her repressed pain for the first time and he understood her. She felt that with her experience with Damien that she didn’t want to waste any time, which is why they chose to marry so quickly. She also admits that she’s scared of history repeating itself and losing Peter in the same way she lost Damien as he’s, ironically, a race car driver. She’s even more scared of it as she has recently discovered she is pregnant again, this time with twins.

As I said Christi’s letter was one of the easiest to write, chronologically Scott is the next child to tell their story, however I don’t know Scott very well. I think I will be writing Bethie’s letter next as I know her a little better. Bethie is the last child I know well, the other five I haven’t figured out yet, so the remaining 11 days of NaNoWriMo will be interesting.

Also, as I predicted in my blog post detailing Gwen’s letter, I not only hit the 5,000 word mark with Christi’s letter but I also hit the 6,000 word mark, finishing at 6,360 words in total.


Stay tuned…


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