John Marsden Writing Topic #178

An entrance, an exit (Tessa Jones)**

Encore–Volume I

From: Valerie Morganside

To: Athena James

Subject: GoGirl band reunion invitation


Hi Athena,

Please have the invitation below printed:


You are cordially invited to the reunion of GoGirls! at the Worthington Function Centre on Saturday September 13th 2025. Please RSVP to Mrs Valerie Morganside by Friday August 14th and inform her of whether you will be bringing along your spouse and/or family members.


Please send this invitation to all GoGirls! members:

-Paris Juanita Heeley

-Marilyn Hollows (for Geraldine Hollows)

-Melanie Shaughnessy Angus

-Brittany Roberts Fox

-Fiona Medley O’Reilly

-Jennifer Roberts Golebiowski

-Bonnie Medley Lorenzo

-Nelti Roberts Owen

-Rochelle Langston


You will find their addresses in my black book.


Kind Regards.

Valerie Morganside.

CEO of Morganside Music Management.




**Reference: Marsden J 1998, Everything I Know About Writing, Pan Macmillan, Australia.

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