John Marsden Writing Topic #578

Describe someone driving along or making coffee, but something else is happening in their life**

Good News

Susie couldn’t wait to get home to see her husband, but she knew as much as she couldn’t wait, she knew she had to watch her speed. Now was not a time to be reckless, in fact she would never have the chance to be reckless or selfish again but she didn’t care.

Susie cruised down Edward Street abiding by the speed limit, heading towards the highway roundabout. She didn’t bother changing lanes, she kept driving straight ahead with a smile on her face.

She sped up to meet the changed speed limit of the highway, she loved driving on the highway, how fast and quickly she could go, especially today. She couldn’t wait to see her husband and give him the long awaited good news that they had both been longing to hear.

She turned into the front streets of her suburb–a left, followed by another left, followed by a right going up a slight incline and straight up a street, where she turned right again into her own street. Her smile and excitement increased as she driving closer to home.

She swung far out and turned left into her driveway, slowly creeping up to a complete stop. She unbuckled her seat belt, pushed her seat back and grabbed her leather handbag off the passenger seat. Her handbag wasn’t just her handbag today. Today her handbag carried the first ultrasound photo that her obstetrician handed her. Susie got out of the car, pressed the locked button and put her hand in her bag, gripping the photo in preparation to show it to her husband and walked towards the door.


**Reference: Marsden J 1998, Everything I Know About Writing, Pan Macmillan, Australia.

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