John Marsden Writing Topic #250

Use this ending: ‘And they all lived unhappily ever after’**

Cinderella–After the Wedding

Once upon a time a young woman named Cinderella lived with her wicked stepmother and stepsisters. One evening they went to a ball held by the King so the Prince could find a bride. Throughout the evening, every maiden in the land tried to charm the Prince to no avail. The Prince eventually saw Cinderella and immediately fell in love, waltzing until Midnight when Cinderella had to dash back home, leaving her glass slipper behind.

Eventually the Prince found Cinderella via her glass slipper which fit perfectly. He immediately swept her off her feet and to the castle to be married, to live happily ever after.

Unfortunately, you can’t base a relationship on shoe size.

The Prince and Cinderella lived in the honeymoon phase for as long as they could, but they soon realised that they didn’t really know each other. They had many differences, which lead to many arguments and soon separate bedrooms within the castle.

They managed to eventually reconcile for long enough to provide the King with a long-awaited grandchild. They both eventually realised that they needed each other, the Prince needed his Princess to eventually become a queen and Cinderella would have nowhere to go if she left.

They went on to rule the kingdom with a kind, but firm hand when the King inevitably passed and would do so until it was their own Prince’s time to take over.

Until it was their Prince’s time, they continued with their lying fairytale and they all lived unhappily ever after.


**Reference: Marsden J 1998, Everything I Know About Writing, Pan Macmillan, Australia.


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