John Marsden Writing Topic #532

Describe yourself (or someone else) without mentioning your physical appearance**

I’m Only Human

You may see me walking down the street,

think that I’m upbeat

you may see me and think I have it all together,

that I’m happy and I know it all,

that I’m perfect on the outside,

but that’s further from the truth,

I’ll tell you…


With work—

I went to school

and later uni

worked for free

to get where I wanted to be.

I graduated and proved my worth

and after pounding the pavement, I finally found work.


My work—

keeps me growing

and I learnt that I’m not all-knowing

I want to be perfect

but I’m hoping I’m just good enough .

I struggle in the deep end

and I try my best each day,

after all I’m only human.


With money—

I make it work within my means,

try not to stretch myself too lean

I try hard to build my stash

but I usually end up short of cash.

I try my best to think of my future and make it on my own

after all I’m only human.


With family and friends—

I love them deeply,

and try to include them all in my life

but there’s only so much time (in the day, in the months, in the years)

We don’t always see each other,

we don’t always have time for one another,

we may not be together forever

we may have fights

but I know I can’t live without them in my life.

I try my best to let them know they’re loved, despite my lacklustre efforts,

after all I’m only human.


With mistakes—

I try to be perfect, always watch my step,

but it’s only a matter of time before I trip—

forget, overlook, let something slip.

Mistakes are a grey area—

they’re expected, yet unwanted

some are undoable, yet some can seal your fate

the thought of them drives me insane!

I want to be okay with making mistakes,

as they will happen either way,

after all I’m only human.


With love—

I’m yet to find

it’s constantly on my mind,

sometimes I wonder whether I’ll find it or whether it will find me.

I try looking for it through dating,

so far my efforts have fallen short,

I have my ideals and my needs,

and I know what kind of love I seek.

I want to be perfect, pretty and sexy,

I want to be someone who makes me feel at ease

just for being me, and likes me the way I am.

So far, I’m yet to meet

the man who will like me as me,

and not who he wants me to be.

I try to keep hope, I try to believe,

even when the odds are stack against me,

after all I’m only human.


I try my best to make my life work

and find my way throughout this world,

I juggle work, family, friends, mistakes and love,

try not to put one above the other,

all I can do is try,

after all, I’m only human.



**Reference: Marsden J 1998, Everything I Know About Writing, Pan Macmillan, Australia.

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