John Marsden Writing Topic #209

Write a modern version of an old legend or a Biblical parable**

Ally and Simone: The Instagrammer and the Adventurer

Ally invited her friend, Simone, on a trip to the coast, the only mode of transport was a train, which would take four hours to get there. To pass the time, Ally watched movies on her smart phone. Simone, who only had a basic phone which couldn’t store movies, looked out the window, at the scenery. 

Ally light-heartedly mocked Simone’s basic phone as to her it couldn’t do more than text, make call and take a few pictures, while she could watch movies and surf the net to her heart’s content. However it didn’t take long for Ally’s battery die from all the said movie watching and net surfing, therefore Simone had to be the one to tell their families and friends that they had arrived safely. Thus while Simone’s phone was basic and could only text, make calls and take a few pictures, she was still able to communicate with family and friends, and take pictures to document their weekends away, while Ally could not as she couldn’t find her phone charger.

What Ally didn’t know what that she had put her phone charger in her bag, however Simone swiped it while Ally was using the bathroom. Simone felt it was time that she learnt not to rely on her phone and she knew she would never make fun of her ‘dumb’ phone again. 


This is a modern version of The Fox and the Stork from Aesop’s Fables.



**Reference: Marsden J 1998, Everything I Know About Writing, Pan Macmillan, Australia.

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