John Marsden Writing Topic #518

Write a conversation where each speaks sentences of a fixed number of words–1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. (Adapted from ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’)**

E = Eleanor (1 words)

A = Alex (2 words)

M = Matt (3 words)

C = Charlie (4 words)

F = Frannie (5 words)


E: Hello!

A: Hello Eleanor!

M: How are you?

E: Fine.

A: Where’s Charlie?

M: At his car.

A: Oh okay.

E: So…

A: There’s Charlie!

M: So it is.

A: Hey Charlie!

C: Hey, how is everyone?

M: Great, where’s Frannie?

C: She’s parking the car.

M: There she is!

E: Frannie!

F: Hey everyone, sorry I’m late.

A: That’s okay.

F: What movie are we seeing?

E: Jaws.

M: It’s retro night.

C: Got the tickets Frannie?

F: Yes, here you all go.

C: Ready to go in?

A: Sure am!

E: Yep!

M: Alright, let’s go!


**Reference: Marsden J 1998, Everything I Know About Writing, Pan Macmillan, Australia.



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