John Marsden Writing Topic #468

What are some times when you’ve gone to extremes to win?**

I can only recall one time when I’ve gone to extremes to win, or really extremes to win an award. When I was 10 I played on my school’s netball team and every week the coaches would give one or two players a “Player of the Week Award” which was a yellow A4 page certificate. The weeks in the competition went by and I never received an award and became especially pissed off when some girls were given the Award twice. I decided one week that enough was enough and worked my arse off one game, going over the top when playing, I was actually trying too hard. I did end up winning the Award and was satisfied. I did wonder at the time whether they knew I was trying so hard just to win the Award.

This really isn’t extreme, however I am a boring person and this is probably the most extreme I have ever gone to win something.


**Reference: Marsden, J 1998, Everything I Know About Writing, Pan Macmillan, Australia.

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