John Marsden Writing Topic #92

What are the best and worst things about being female? About being male?**

The best things about being female:

-Being able to order fruity drinks and get away with it a bit more

-Being able to carry children (although some women may find this debatable due to pains and complications of pregnancy and childbirth)

-Having curves (although some of mine are in the wrong places)

-Being able to strive for whatever I want (especially in this day and age)

-Having a wide wardrobe range

-Getting away with longer hair

The worst things about being female:

-Periods (they are a double edged sword as they are unpleasant, painful and can cause a lot of problems, however they are part of a system that brings life into the world)


-Having to face the invasive question of when I’m having children and being laughed at and having to receive condensing comments such as “you’ll change your mind” when I say I’m not sure if I want to have them.

-Being viewed as the inferior sex sometimes

-Being victim blamed if assaulted

-Constantly being pressured to be skinny and lose weight instantly after giving birth

-Being expected to wear make up


The best things about being male:

-Not having to endure periods, childbirth and invasive reproductive medical exams

-Not having to carry a handbag

-Earning more money

-Have a limited wardrobe and not having to worry so much about what to wear

-Not being discriminated against in job interviews/applications because they might have children one day

The worst things about being male:

-Prostate exams

-Not knowing when to be chivalrous

-Being told to hold in emotions

-Pressure to be muscular


**Reference: Marsden, J 1998, Everything I Know About Writing, Pan Macmillan, Australia.

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