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House Husbands–Season 3, Episode 13

This finale was all about the sweet sound of wedding bells. I quite enjoyed Ned’s heartfelt speech towards the Licensing Commission, clearly he knows the pub very well due to his hard work and is the first sign of his evolution throughout the season. Ned went from a questionable and untrustworthy larrikin to a happy, enthusiastic, professional and dedicated man.

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House Husbands–Season 3, Episode 12

This penultimate episode was solid but not spectacular. The Gemma and Damo subplot, especially going to the yoga retreat was okay but not great. I did enjoy the discovery of the yoga teacher being a fraud and Gemma and Damo reverting slightly, however it was a bit cheesy. I don’t remember Damo being so new-agey, I think the writers have

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House Husbands–Season 3, Episode 9

This episode for me wasn’t bad, although I’m not sure if I really liked it. Lewis was portrayed in an unlikeable light–drinking all of the pub’s beer and subsequently draining the supply, stealing the ugly vase he bought for Gemma over-and-over and teaming up with Ned to get beer illegitimately (and clearly illegally). I personally didn’t like the vase subplot

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House Husbands–Season 3, Episode 4

This episode was a bit of a hit-and-miss for me. I did personally like the conflict between Lewis and Belle. Belle has managed to cause conflict with almost everyone else in the House Husbands world, it was inevitable that the conflict–both past and present–between her and Lewis would come out. I like the writers’ choice to “save the best for

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