Upload – Season 2, Episode 3 (Robin Hood)

This episode re-explored classism in Lakeview.

The episode kicked off with Nora and Ivan on their way back to New York so Nora can return to work at Horizen to help the Ludd movement from the inside. Even though she’s going for a cybersecurity job, she thinks she would be good at design, but Ivan laughs this off.

Back at Lakeview, Nathan is on the phone to his mother, Viv, who tells him that she didn’t have enough money to pay the rent. Nathan suggests asking Ingrid for a loan, who is shown to be “zoned out” in the corner of their room, when in reality she is out of the VR suit and going to the bathroom. When Ingrid returns, she suggests that Viv do gig economy work at Job Gerbil.

Afterwards, Nathan tells Luke about his situation in the dining room and it’s revealed that new windows have been installed in the 2Gigs cafeteria so they can be seen drooling over the luxury dining room in order to get their relatives to upgrade them. Appalled, Luke tries to give her an éclair through the window, only for it to disappear, and Nathan decides to be the Robin Hood of Lakeview, by stealing data from the rich uploads to give to the 2Gigs. He starts by stealing 2GB from David Choake and gives them to Yang, who’s data was running low.

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