Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries – Season 2, Episode 4 (A Killer Unleashed)

This episode was all about the world of dog shows.

The episode kicks off with Samuel and Peregrine at a dog show at the Melbourne Kennel Club, as Samuel loves dogs and Peregrine has declared that she’s sworn off men and is considering getting a dog. Meanwhile, one dog owner, Lavinia, is grooming her dog, Milady, backstage. When she turns around and spots someone, she falls, hits her head, and is drowned in a bathtub.

A woman is then heard screaming, Samuel and Peregrine rush backstage to find another competitor, Sherri, pulling Lavinia’s body out of the tub. Sherri accuses Milady of killing Lavinia, claiming her proof is the claw marks in the back of Lavinia’s neck. Peregrine declares that the dog is being framed, as there’s no blood on Milady’s paws.

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