Year 12 Standard – Assignment 1

Assignment 1 of the Year 12 Mathematics Standard (Pathway 2) course I’m currently completing through TAFE Digital, consisted of questions from the first three chapters of the textbook: Interest and Depreciation, Ratios and Rates, and Equations and Linear Functions.

I submitted Assignment 1 to my teacher on 17 January 2022. I received my marks and feedback from my teacher the next day. I got 42.5 out of 48 (89%). I was very happy with these marks, as they were consistent with the marks I received when I completed the Year 11 – Standard course, although a part of me was disappointed I didn’t get above 90%, but there’s four more opportunities for me to try and achieve this goal.

The questions, my submission, and my marks and feedback for Assignment 1 can be found below.

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