The Newsreader – Season 1, Episode 4 (A Step Closer to the Madness)

This episode was all about the Russell Street Police Station explosion, the impending royal wedding, and family. I’ll be reviewing this episode character by character.

Geoff – The episode kicks off with Geoff looking for antacid to take in the middle of the night, only to end up vomiting. The next day, Evelyn has their doctor come to see Geoff. The doctor tells Geoff that he needs to quit smoking, and reduce his alcohol and red meat intake as he is at risk of having a stroke. When Evelyn is showing their doctor out, he tells her that Geoff needs to make long-term lifestyle changes, she in turns tells him about the long hours Geoff worked when Prince Charles and Diana got married, and he’ll be expected to top it with the Prince Andrew and Fergie wedding. The doctor says he’ll make some calls for Geoff to be treated discreetly.

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