Furious Fiction – June 2021

The brief of the AWC Furious Fiction—June 2021 short story competition was as follows:

Each story had to include (word for word) the following SEVEN descriptions at any point in the story body:



Waiting Room

I’ve been in my fair share of waiting rooms before, but this one by far is the ugliest.

While it’s silent and still with a few people, like other typical waiting rooms, it’s still as ugly as sin. I would like to know whether this clinic was actually built and decorated in the 1970s or whether the decorator had an obsession with brown. The brown on the walls is so matte that I’m guessing the multiple coats of paint that were thrown onto them were thick as honey (I’m also guessing that honey brown was what they were aiming for…they definitely missed).

The chairs are an even uglier brown, light in shade but it stands out when the sun from the window on the parallel wall hits them. I think the decorator thought that the shade would evoke a ‘golden glow’ when the sun hit them, in reality the sun is razor-sharp in emphasising the chair’s ugliness. What I didn’t expect with the furniture was a heart-shaped cushion on one of the couches, which was also brown, seriously?

When I inspected the matching coffee table, I discovered that the brown theme extended to snack selection for the waiting patients with the un-iced donuts. At least they were soft and doughy, and not as stale as the colour scheme.

The only other pleasant thing in the ugliest waiting room in the world was the pleasant smell of a delicate perfume of some kind. I couldn’t detect whether it came from another patient or if it was some of kind of air freshener, either way, it was very soothing.

“Genevieve come on in.” Dr. Marsh gently called out to me.

Dr. Marsh seems nice enough, hopefully she will be, especially as I wasn’t planning on seeing her. I’m hoping to finally get a new job that’ll make me happy. I’m taking the company’s request for me to have a pre-employment medical after my interview last week as a good sign. Apparently, they wanted me to have some extra testing done, checking for something called ‘protan defect’.


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