Furious Fiction – May 2021

The brief of the AWC Furious Fiction—May 2021 short story competition was as follows:

  • Your story had to be set during a storm.
  • Your story had to include the words MOTHER, APPLE, YESTERDAY
  • Your story had to include the phrase: SIT/SITTING ON THE FENCE


Lost and Found

The sound of the thunder above me only added to my bad day.

The rain hadn’t started but I knew it would show up soon, but a huge storm that could lead to a flood wasn’t my biggest problem in that moment. They found me and I needed to get home to tell the others.

Thankfully my front door was unlocked and I was able to open it, run inside and shut it behind me. When I turned around the house was empty – my mother and father took everything with them. No need to tell them, they already knew.

I didn’t want it to be true, but I can’t deny my instincts, I knew they were following me yesterday. Witness protection would only buy me so much time.

My mother and father wouldn’t just leave me in the lurch but they would leave me a subtle clue to where our next hideout would be….it didn’t take long to find it, a pink lady apple next to the kitchen sink. I picked up the apple and went outside to the backyard.

I can’t go to my neighbours for help, no-one is supposed to know the truth about me and it will only put them in danger. Sitting on the fence, which is the border between our yard and bushland, I looked down at the apple in my hand, which had writing on its skin, “caravan park.”

The caravan park is 10km away from the house, through the bushlands.

I ate the rest of the apple so they couldn’t find any clues, jumped off the fence, and ran to my next stop and my next identity.


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