Doctor Doctor – Season 5 Premiere (To Me, To You)

The job of a season premiere is to establish new story arcs and subplots for the season, as well as address any loose ends that were left in the previous season’s finale. This premiere did its job perfectly.

Generally when I am reviewing the season premiere of a show, I re-read the review I wrote on the previous season’s finale, to remind myself where the show left me and the viewers. The key potential story arcs and subplots I took from my re-read were: Hugh becoming the hospital administrator, Hugh and Penny declaring their love for each other (but not acting on it), Penny leaving Whyhope to go to Broome with Jarrod, Ajax going to Ag College and building a house for him, Hayley and Jimmy, Ajax and Hayley running The Brewery, and Matt and Charlie travelling. This season premiere addressed nearly every single of these potential story arcs and subplots.

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