Harrow – Season 3, Episode 8 (Alea lacta Est)

This episode explores a historical society, duels and greed.

The episode kicks off with a bang or rather shots, with two men in historical costume dueling, killing each other, with the seconds and referee running away from the scene.

After the opening credits, we are brought back to Harrow’s boat with Tanya informing him that her cancer is in remission and that she changed her surname to Hain, which was her grandmother’s surname and the name she exhibits her art under, which explains why the police had trouble tracking her down. She also informs him that she still ‘runs a check-out’ or rather manages a boutique in Trowbridge, as her art doesn’t pay the bills.  She also apologises for not letting him find her after she left him, he asks her why she hid from him, and she replies that he would have talked her into coming back. She then asks him if James is in trouble.

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