Furious Fiction – October 2020

The brief of the AWC Furious Fiction—October 2020 short story competition was as follows:

  • Your story has to include someone/something being caught.
  • Your story has to include the words: OBJECT, WOUND, BAND, ELABORATE (ed/s variations included).
  • Your story’s final two words have to be THE MOON.


Mission Briefing

It was decided that I would be the human test subject to travel to Earth when I was caught using a Luna boulder as my personal barbell. The Luna Police didn’t charge me as I technically didn’t steal the boulder or damage it, but they were freaked out enough that they called the scientists instead to deal with me.

I didn’t object to being used as a human test subject, but I’m not sure if I’m completely comfortable with it either.

I ended up going to a doctor’s office at the scientist’s behest. The doctor, a quiet, friendly and gentle brunette female, elaborated on the mission that the scientists are sending me on. I would be travelling to Earth to conduct an anthropological study, to help Lunagons function in Earth’s society, so other Lunagons can travel and live there for themselves eventually.  I was at her office to get a general check-up, than I would be going to other doctors for other exams, such as cranial nerve, eye and ear exams, to ensure that I am healthy and able to travel.

Most of the exams were standard – heart rate, blood pressure, temperature – however some of them caught me off guard, such as the colour, pH and sensory tests. I passed them all, but I couldn’t help but wonder what affects Earth would have on me while I was there and how different I would be when I return. I like how strong and capable I am as a Lunagon, I don’t want this to change after a few months on Earth. Humans could be so much more with our biological traits.

The exam wrapped up with the doctor gently placing a bandage on a recent rock/weightlifting wound and placing a band around my bicep – apparently the band was a tracker to report my vitals, location, oxygen levels and much more (what she meant by that is a mystery, I suppose a deliberate one). She also said that a perception filter on the band makes it look like a cliché armband tattoo to the human eye.

She asked me if I was excited and I said “yeah” with a hint of uncertainty. I have always wanted to come to Earth, but I didn’t think it would happen so quickly and under these circumstances. I wonder what the humans of Earth will make of me? Whether they’ll be able to tell. Humans have always been curious and even satisfied it in 1969 by coming here to see it for themselves, now the tables have turned with me going to visit them, a not-so-ordinary guy from the moon.


This story was inspired by an ASMR video series of an alien going to Earth as a human test subject and getting medical check-ups prior to their departure, specifically the video below, by Madi ASMR, which was the first video in the series.


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