Furious Fiction – August 2020

The brief of the AWC Furious Fiction—August 2020 short story competition was as follows:

  • Your story must contain HUMOUR/COMEDY (see below).
  • Your story must include the following five words: DIZZY, EXOTIC, LUMPY, TINY, TWISTED.
  • Your story must include a sandwich.

Wait – what does “contain humour/comedy mean?”

  • Your story must simply use humour as a main driving force (think amusing situations, characters and tone).
  • Examples include satire, unusual/improbable situations, dark comedies, romantic comedies, slapstick or just anything playful in tone.
  • There are no wrong answers here – if in doubt, just write something that you would funny.


Teddy Bears’ Picnic

The door slammed behind a slightly messy purple bedroom with a picnic attended by teddy bears and other toys on the floor, lying on an old woolly blanket, after Katie suddenly bolted up and out of the room, running on her mother’s orders downstairs to get her lunch.

“All clear!”

All of the teddy bears and toys rose up and sat up, dusting themselves off.

“Another picnic! Really? Why is she not sick of those yet?” Lumpy, the old, knitted brown bear, with black button eyes, asked.

“I feel dizzy.” The purple beanie baby said, putting a soft claw to its head.

“She’s always serving the same tea!” Tiny, a novelty-sized Snoopy-like plush dog, complained.

“She’s always saying we’re going to these exotic places, but we’re always here!” Ben, a plastic dinosaur yelled out.

“Okay, okay, everyone! Look I know Katie’s been having a lot of picnics lately and we are getting bored, but you all know that we love Katie and she loves us, but she’s had her phases before and she’ll eventually move on to another one, remember her hospital phase?”

They all grunted in unison, “I was always the patient!” Tiny complained.

“She’ll move on from picnics eventually but we’ve also got to remember that she’ll grow up and move on from us eventually too, and we don’t want that to happen too soon, okay!”


Emily, the fabric dolly in a blue dress, with button eyes, and twisted and curly hair, was the leader of the group. She was a hand-me-down from Katie’s mother, to Katie’s older sister and then Katie. She knew about how kids worked and when they eventually grew up better than anyone.

“Everyone back in position!” She yelled as we felt the floor move as Katie was running back up to the room.

“Be careful, she’s eating half a sandwich.” Emily warned.

All the toys groaned before getting back into their “lifeless” positions, Katie came back in enthusiastically with her half-sandwich, spilling some of the fillings on the floor, continuing her teddy’s bear picnic for the umpteenth time.


This story was inspired by the scene, Playtime at Bonnie’s, in Toy Story 3 (2010). The video of this scene can be found below.




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