Upload—Season 1, Episode 3 (The Funeral)

The episode kicks off with live news feed of the first “download”, an attempt to download the uploaded consciousness of Rupert Tilford into a clone body. The news feed is playing while Nathan is getting dressed for his funeral with a visiting Ingrid’s assistance, and Nora is on the bus on her way home from work. It appears to have been successful at first, only for the head of the clone body to explode.

We then go to Luke in a therapy session with Ernie, who reminds him that Nathan’s funeral is in ten minutes. Luke calls for his angel, Aleesha. Aleesha is reluctant to give him Nathan’s whereabouts, which leads to him calling for Lucy. Lucy assists him, but Luke spots him anyway and asks Aleesha to show him his formal suits, he chooses to go to the funeral in his military dress. Luke gets to the chapel just as Nathan is about to walk through the chapel door.

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