Furious Fiction – January 2020

The brief of the AWC Furious Fiction—January 2020 short story competition was as follows:

  • Your story must include a COUNTDOWN of some kind.
  • Your story must include a character who SHARES A SECRET.
  • Your story must include the word SERENDIPITY.

I actually submitted this for the competition, I didn’t win nor was I shortlisted.




(Damien has 15 hours and 17 minutes left to live)

I was supposed to be up at six. I jump out of bed, get dressed, and rush downstairs. There was a time when I hated running and now I can’t live without it. I love the feeling of the cool air on my skin. It clears my mind and makes life easier to deal with. Plus, I’ve gotta keep slim for Elly.



(Damien has 12 hours and 5 minutes left to live)

Feature writing, my first lecture of the day and the week. I’m trying hard to listen, but holidays are approaching and going home is the only thing on my mind.



(Damien has 9 hours, 35 minutes left to live)

I was supposed to have lunch with Elly, but she had to go to a group meeting for one of her assessments.



(Damien has 5 hours and 5 minutes left to live)

I’m done for the day. I know guys shouldn’t have a problem picking out clothes, even for a date, but I do. I like to wear things that Elly likes. She says that she likes me in pretty much everything, and that she thinks I’m sexy when I’m comfortable, but she also says that she prefers me wearing nothing. I’ll go with jeans and a long-sleeved shirt. I’m thinking of telling her I love her tonight. She’s smarter than me, she probably already knows, but this will be my first ‘I love you’ to a woman I’ve dated.



(Damien has 3 hours and 5 minutes left to live)

Elly thinks that I’m goofing around when she sees my jaw dropping reaction. She’s wearing a little black dress, with matching stockings and heels. She’s wearing her hair out, which has grown since the last time she wore it out and she smells like roses. I can’t believe she picked me as her boyfriend, especially as we met purely through serendipity, I wasn’t looking for a girlfriend, just some new friends when I moved here.



(Damien has 5 minutes left to live)

Elly is in the corner store buying popcorn. She wants to watch a movie at my place. Her car is at the mechanic’s and I don’t own one. Elly wants to walk, but I told her that you don’t know what kind of psychos are out there, and we’ll get a cab. The store’s ATM doesn’t work, so I have to go to the one across the street, I tell her I’ll be back in a minute.

I could have sworn no-one was here five minutes ago, but I can hear footsteps. I turn around to see a random guy, presumably from the pub a few feet away, standing in front of me.

‘Hey mate! What time is it?’

‘Oh, it’s 9.30.’

‘Okay, great thanks.’ He says with a smile as three other guys appear behind him.

‘You didn’t really want to know the time did you?’

‘No I didn’t.’


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