Furious Fiction – November 2019

The brief of the AWC Furious Fiction—November 2019 short story competition was as follows:

  • Each story had to include YOUR INTERPRETATION of ALL FIVE of the below emojis, in any order.
  • Each story’s first word had to BE AN ANAGRAM of its final word(s) (repeating the same word wasn’t allowed).
  • Each story had to include the phrase: THERE WERE 11 ____  IN THE _____ (whole or part sentence).


My interpretation of the five emojis for the purpose of this story can be viewed below:


Midnight Deal

There were 11 beneficiaries in the will.

I wanted to be the only one, but I couldn’t pull off a change of will by myself, so I’d have to cut a deal with another beneficiary.

Ed was always my favourite cousin, and I, his. I knew we’d be able to cut a deal for ourselves, but we would have to do it in secret. It would mean cutting ourselves off from our loved ones, the other nine beneficiaries, but the money we’d get would be worth it.

We met in the hall, with the moonlight shining through the window on us like a spotlight. It didn’t take long for us to agree on the details—splitting 50/50, spinning a web of lies for our family that we were Nan’s sweet, devoted grandchildren, and acting shocked about our inheritance, and making sure we both go on separate holidays, as to not raise suspicion about what we were about to do.

Ed non-coincidentally worked with Nan’s solicitor, so he had easy access to the will and would have plenty of time to make the necessary changes, it was a perfect plan.

All we’d have to do is wait just a little bit longer, but not too much longer. We can’t wait to see the looks on the faces of our greedy, ungrateful family when the will is read tomorrow at three.


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