Furious Fiction – August 2019

The brief of the AWC Furious Fiction—August 2019 short story competition was as follows:

  • Each story had to include, word for word, ALL of the following SIX descriptions:


  • One of these six descriptions had to appear in the first sentence of each story.


Fine Line Between Being Ambiguously Good and Evil

I was walking back to my dorm after an 8.30pm class when I was startled by a shrill, piercing scream.

When I looked up, out of my own world, I could immediately see where it was coming from—a woman being held against the corner of the Arts building by a man who was clearly trying to rape her.

“Hey!” I yelled to get the attention of her attacker. I know I shouldn’t have, but I couldn’t help myself—I used my power of aerokinesis, holding my  arm out to throw enough of a mini tornado out of my hand so it would knock him to the ground. As the air cleared and I walked closer towards him, I could see the fear in his eyes and he ran off. Whether he was an evil witch, demon, or an average rapist I’d have to figure out later.

After he ran off, I help the traumatised woman up, gathering up the belongings that fell out of her bag, which ironically included a shiny, silver rape whistle. I convinced her to go to the police and report him, I explained my magical part in the event away by saying I knocked him down with my kickboxing skills. I helped her back to her dorm and returned to mine.

I went to my classes the next day as normal, trying not to think too much about it, however it thrust back into the forefront of my mind when I got back to my dorm to see an ink-stained note stuck to the door.

Meet me at dorm 14B in the West Building or I’ll tell everyone your secret.”

I tore the note down and walked to the mystery attempted rapist’s ground-floor dorm and knocked on the scratched and weather-worn door. When he opened the door, he smelt both sweet and pungent, just like most unhygienic creeps.

He gave me an unnecessary recap of events before proceeding with threatening to tell the world my secret. In turn, I reminded him of the fact that the only reason I was able to hurt him was that he committed a crime and even if he did tell, no-one would believe his story as there have been long-term rumours about his “behaviour”.

He seemed to back down quickly, like any other coward. As I was about to leave, my hand on the cold and greasy doorknob, he threatened to attack more women in order to expose me. I coldly told him doing that will only result in him ending up in jail. As I shut the door behind me, I let my anxiety hit me.

When I got back to my own dorm, I called my mother, also a witch, with the same aerokinetic power as me, told her everything and asked for her advice.

She told me there was one solution, “end him.” As a good witch, I’m not sure how we can do that and say we’re not as evil as him.


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