Furious Fiction – May 2019

The brief of the AWC Furious Fiction—May 2019 short story competition was as follows:

It’s May, so we had some fun with five words that contain M-A-Y. And then we threw in a few other things…”

  • Your story must include the words MAYBE, MAYHEM, DISMAY, MAYOR and MAYONNAISE.
  • Your story’s FIRST word must be an 11-letter word.
  • Your story must, at some point, include someone or something RUNNING.



Gobble and Munch


She threw a marshmallow at me! 

I was hiding in an aisle hoping to avoid Ava. This was all her idea. “Let’s start a food fight!” She said, “it’ll be fun!” She said. It was fun when it started in the park but now the whole town has joined in and it’s become mayhem.

She spotted me at the end of the aisle and I had to start running again and find more ammo. Baked beans, potato chips, canned tuna, salsa, whatever. As I reached the pasta sauce aisle, a jar of mayonnaise fell at my feet. It narrowly missed my toes and splattered on the floor. 

I felt dismay at how far this had gone and how deep Ava went, I thought she was better than this, maybe I need to rethink our friendship if she’s still this immature.

I kept running as more food was being thrown in my direction and finally found the automatic doors. I thought I was home free, until the mayor walked up with a serious look on his face and salad running down his shirt. 

We both looked at each other, I was worried about what he was going to do. He smiled, let me pass him and then started throwing apples.

Good to know the apple literally doesn’t fall far from the free.



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