Charmed (Reboot)–Season 1, Episode 13 (Manic Pixie Nightmare)

This episode kicks off with a man live streaming a date with his girlfriend, who seems to be demonic, and encourages him to jump off a building and into a river. It cuts to Parker informing Maggie of the man’s death, asking her to look into it as it seems to be of a demonic nature, and Harry conceding Parker may be right about it.

The sisters investigate the man’s death, as well as a car accident of Noah, who viewed and took screenshots of the live stream. While at first, Harry thought a hobgoblin might be behind it, they later discover Chloe, a pixie in human form is the culprit. However Harry states this is odd as pixies are usually kind and benevolent creatures. Harry and the sisters try to get to the bottom of the issue using a “Pixionary”, which presents the sisters with whimsy with every page turn, including but not limited to: butterflies flying out of the pages, fireworks, making Harry sing, and even a 3D miniature version of a pixie trap, which comes in handy later.

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