Year of the Fun Walk 2019–Azri’s Brave Run (January)

My first run for my Year of the Fun Walk was Azri’s Brave Run.

Azri’s Brave Run was a 21km (half marathon) virtual run where participants could run, walk, or skip 21km across the month of January.

Azri is a little girl who was in need of a heart transplant a couple of years ago, now she has received the transplant and is fighting fit! The finisher’s medal for Azri’s Brave Run was a combination of summer colours and a superhero to represent Azri and her unlimited bravery and strength.

Azri’s Brave Run supported Heartkids Australia and 21km was chosen as the human heart starts beating 21 days after conception.

I completed my first ever half marathon in approximately 4 hours and 12 minutes. Pictures of my finisher’s medal and certificate of completion can be found below:




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