Charmed (Reboot)–Season 1, Episode 10 (Keep Calm and Harry On)

The previous episode and the mid-season finale ended on a high note and a few bombshells—Maggie found out Parker is a demon, Galvin found out Macy and her sisters are witches, and Hunter dragged Harry down with him into Tartarus. So when an episode and a mid-season finale ends on a such a high note, I wondered where the show would go from there.

The episode kicks off with a robbery in England in the past where it’s revealed the robber was Harry, only for another reveal to show he is being tortured in Tartarus with fake memories (or we so think). When he is tortured with another memory, this time with him being stabbed in prison, and Harry comes to finding the subsequent scar, it’s revealed the memories are real and we are given an insight into Harry’s life before he died.

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