John Marsden’s 600 Writing Topics: Two-thirds of the way down

After two long years, I have finally completed two-thirds of my John Marsden 600 Writing Topics Challenge!

I wanted to publish another post to record my progress, especially as it took me so long to reach 400 completed topics, in comparison to how long it took me to reach the previous milestones.

As I stated in my introductory blog post to this challenge, the writing topics are split into several categories, which are:

Topics 1-93: Quickies

Topics 94-130: Discursive

Topics 131-149: Based on a Book

Topics 150-307: Topics for Short Stories

Topics 308-357: Poetry

Topics 358-501: Personal

Topics 502-521: Limits

Topics 522-585: Developing Skills

Topics 586-600: Letters

My first 100 writing topics comprised of: 60 Quickies, 11 Discursive, 12 Based on a Book, 14 Personal, 2 Limits and 1 Developing Skills.

The next 100 writing topics comprised of: 31 more Quickies, 17 more Discursive, 7 more Based on a Book, 41 more Personal and 4 more Limits.

The following 100 writing topics, which enabled me to reach the halfway point of my challenge, comprised of: 4 more Discursive, 18 Topics for Short Stories, 14 Poetry, 52 more Personal, 7 more Limits and 5 more Developing Skills.

When I reached the halfway point, I said that I was hoping by the 400 mark that I’ve completed the Discursive, Personal and Limits writing categories. I partially achieved this goal as I did complete the Discursive writing category, however I still haven’t finished the Personal and Limits writing categories, although I only have two more Personal topics and one more Limits writing topic to complete.

To reach the 400 mark, I completed: 1 more Quickies, 5 more Discursive, 30 more Topics for Short Stories, 8 more Poetry, 35 more Personal, 6 more Limits, 5 more Developing Skills and 10 Letters.

It would only take me a few months to complete 100 writing topics at a time, the only explanation I come up with as to why it took me over two years to get to the 400 mark from the halfway point is being busy with work, changing jobs and moving away. Nonetheless, it’s better late than never and I’m glad I finally got here.

Hopefully it won’t take me another two years to reach the 500 mark or complete the challenge.

Again I would like to say thank you to everyone who has liked my posts, favourited/liked/retweeted my tweets promoting the posts, and those who have commented on my posts and hard work. Please keep it up and spread the word!

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