Playing for Keeps–Season 1 Finale

I’ll be reviewing the season finale character by character:

Connor and Tahlia—At the start of the episode it’s established that they have broken up with Connor leaving and Paige moving in (I’ll get to that in a minute). Despite their break-up, they didn’t really interact until the second half of the episode when Tahlia made the decision to auction off some of Connor’s stuff at the fragrance launch.

A highlight of this subplot for me was Tahlia bonding Diane. It’s a shame that they couldn’t bond when Connor and Tahlia were together and while their scenes together were hilarious, it’s not truly established why Diane wanted to be friends with Tahlia.

After the auction, Connor and Tahlia finally get closure and a resolution on their relationship by tearfully parting on friendly terms. Personally, I felt this was the right decision for the writers to make. Considering that there is hope for Brian and Kath’s relationship (which again I’ll get to in a minute), their break-up provided the perfect and realistic contrast to the situation.

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