Harrow–Season 1 Finale (Mens Rea)

The purpose of a season finale is to conclude the season’s story arcs and set up potential new ones for the next season…Harrow certainly achieved this effortlessly.

The episode kicks off with the case of the week in a way unique to Harrow. We see Tom (Joel Tobeck) walking around an office, looking out the window and watching a police car and ambulance van speeding down the street to an emergency of some kind, when Tom turns around we see that he has killed someone via stabbing. The choice to show the murderer and then his crime is not unheard of, although it’s not common either, but what truly makes this scene and the crime unique is when Tom makes the choice to commit suicide or so we think.

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  • Rachel, I don’t know whether you as a reviewer have any power over the issue I’m about to raise with you, but if you do, go for it. I’ve raised it with the ABC several times, but they don’t want to know. Okay, what’s he on about?
    This, and new drama commissioned by the ABC seems to as a rule have rushed credits. If I had worked on this series, or my son or mother had, I would be so proud to see my/his/her name at the end. Why not give us time to read them – it would only take seconds longer. At present, the producer could save even more time by ditching credits altogether and running a statement saying “a lot of people worked on this show. From the major to the minor input, you might think that each had a crucial role to play. But we don’t share that view, and for that reason we’ve given up running credits at all. After all, that was the message posted by running them at breakneck speed. Cheers, the production team.”.


  • Love this show! I am so glad someone executive was smart enough to give it two seasons straight out of the gate.


  • Love the show.
    For me in season 2 saroya is the shooter.
    We wil find the her son is also quinn son and she was sequeng vengance for his deadth.


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