Harrow–Season 1, Episode 9 (Lex Talionis)

So we’ve reached the penultimate episode of Harrow‘s first season.

The case of the week focuses on Stan Wagner, an elderly man from the Czech Republic, who is smothered to death in the nursing home he lives in. Most of the episode is set in the nursing home as Harrow and Jack conduct their investigation, from making observations on Stan’s body, to discovering one of the nurses, Rallings (Dan Ewing) is a white supremacist who mistreats the residents, to ultimately discovering that Wagner was Nazi and had a connection with another resident, Mrs Adams (Maggie Blinco) a Hungarian Jew during WWII, who ultimately killed him. The revelation that Mrs Adams killed Wagner due to him deciding the fatal fate of her sister, and the audio flashbacks of Auschwitz were thrilling and well executed. In all honesty, I found the outcome of the case surprising, but in a good way, as this is a murder you don’t usually see committed in crime shows.

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