Resolution Run Series (Run 3) 2017 (ACT)

On Sunday 12 November, I participated in Run 3 of the Resolution Run Series.

The Resolution Run Series is a series of three fun runs held in Canberra throughout the year, with the aim of raising funds for and awareness of various men’s health issues. The first run was held on 26 February to raise awareness of testicular cancer, the second run was held on 23 July to raise awareness of men’s health and depression, and this third run was to raise awareness of prostate cancer.

The Resolution Run Series consists of six distances—a marathon, a half-marathon, a 14km run, a 7.3km run, a 3km run and an 800m kids dash.  I chose to complete the 3km run as a walk.

Similarly to the Melbourne Marathon Festival, the 3km run had a late start of 10am. Although I nearly missed it due to having to find the start line, fit in breakfast and grabbing headphones from my motel to listen to music during the walk. Nevertheless I made it and started running across the start line, just like the rest of the participants in the 3km run, which was a smaller group than I expected.

The 3km run started at Tuggeranong Park, on the corner of Anketell Street and Bartlet Place. Most of the 3km run or rather walk for me, was alongside Lake Tuggeranong, which provided excellent scenery for me to look at while I was going, before I turned around, went back the way I came, finishing with a turn in the carpark, and down the finish line which was to a slight right of the start line.

Unlike the Melbourne Marathon Festival, I was being timed by the chip on the back of my bib this time. Unfortunately due to my frantic running around before the start of the run, I ended up with a time of 40 minutes and 16 seconds, my worst on record for this distance, more than 5 minutes slower than my PB.

I also got a nice finisher’s medal at this run. I highly recommend the Resolution Run Series for any running or fun running enthusiast. The weather was a bit mediocre due to rain the day before, but at least it was cool. The scenery and atmosphere were fantastic.

The Resolution Run Series (Run 3) was the ACT leg of my “Fun Walking not Running Tour”, the fifth state in my tour, and my last fun run for 2017.



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