John Marsden Writing Topic #383

Write a piece which begins ‘I am the one who…’**

I am the one who tries to be perfect. I try to be perfect in almost all aspects of life. I try to be the perfect employee as my job is my first job out of uni, it is in a field where I have had no previous experience or training, and I had to learn on the job (and I still do over 2 years later). Due to my lack of experience and training, I try to compensate and mostly overcompensate, by trying to be perfect or at least as perfect as possible.

I try to be a perfect, responsible person by working full-time and taking little time off, and by paying bills as soon as possible. I’m trying to be perfect at saving money but due to being single and living alone, it really isn’t possible.

I haven’t really tried to be the perfect family member, purely because I know my family don’t expect me to be perfect and love me even though I’m not. I haven’t really tried to be the perfect friend either, due to the restrictions of my time with my full-time job and having to commute. I’m sure or at least I’m hoping that my friends feel the same way about me and lack of perfection as my family does.

In the very few dating experiences I’ve had, I always tried to be the perfect girlfriend or potential girlfriend. This didn’t work as I would always end up holding back my feelings and opinions, which would build up to an unhealthy amount of resentment and sometimes anger, especially as I’ve always ended up being dumped anyway and therefore it was all a waste.

The older I’m getting, the less I want to try to be perfect all the time, I’m hoping a day will come where I’m not a perfectionist anymore.




**Reference: Marsden J 1998, Everything I Know About Writing, Pan Macmillan, Australia.

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