My NaNoWriMo novelette

This year I participated in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) for the first time. Despite my attempts to write an “official novel”, I ended November with a novelette, How We Got Here, with a total of 15,729 words and 74 pages (the word count does not include the prologue).

How We Got Here is about Lorraine Ramieres, a 49 year old woman who is about to marry her partner of 12 years, Travis Lincolnson, and all 10 of her children from her first marriage will be in attendance and all together at home for the first time in years. How We Got Here consists of letters written by the children to Lorraine, providing details of crucial moments in their life and how they feel about Travis.

I have decided to split up the novelette and publish them as a part of my 600 Writing Topics Challenge that I have been completing for the last year.

I will start by re-publishing the prologue of the novelette, I published an alternate version under Writing Topic #167.  The novelette will be published in order, under the following Writing Topics:

Prologue–Writing Topic #167

Chapter 1: Michael–Writing Topic #267

Chapter 2: Lucas–Writing Topic #269

Chapter 3: Gwendolyn (Gwen)–Writing Topic #598

Chapter 4: Cassandra (Cassie)–Writing Topic #232

Chapter 5: Christi–Writing Topic #259

Chapter 6: Carrie–Writing Topic #299

Chapter 7: Scott–Writing Topic #277

Chapter 8: Julie–Writing Topic #288

Chapter 9: Elaine–Writing Topic #183

Chapter 10: Elizabeth (Bethie)–Writing Topic #263

Epilogue–Writing Topic #163

I was always going to publish this story, which I finally wrote about ten years after coming up with it, as part of the writing challenge. I did question whether I should wait, in case I wanted to enter any novelette competitions. However I realised that since I already published most of the epilogue, the novelette has already been partially published, and therefore would be disqualified from competitions anyway.

I plan on publishing the novelette over the next month or so, stay tuned.

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